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Originally Posted by ippus View Post
...I'm all for Ranka being cute. Honestly, I feel like it's the only way Nakajima might ever be "voice acting" as Ranka rather than just singing as Nakajima, which is what she does pretty much all the time now, being Nakajima when she's meant to be Ranka. That being said the song just sounds awfully contrived for me >_> I remember some while back someone claimed Nakajima has a bell tone- she really doesn't. Most of her high notes are strained and just as a whole tune it's kind of luke warm. Someone mentioned it sounded like something fitting a mahou shoujo like CCS- I agree, but probably an ending theme rather than an opening. Just...blah :/
Agreed. But in the movie, Ranka is shown to be more mature. This song brings back that innocent, childlike Ranka from the TV series, is what I meant.

Hm, never took much interest in Megumi Nakajima until I watched Macross Frontier. I didn't realize she was a singer. Then I noticed she didn't really try singing until Macross F became popular.

I don't think her vocals are strained, just that she hasn't had proper training on how to hit notes.

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Lyrics maybe but most of the Sheryl songs were sexy so that doesn't really say very much...
I think it's not as good as UB, and matched with the weirdass nurse attire it just doesn't really make enough of an impact seeing as it's her "main" song, but as an individual track I think it's pretty good. I swear it's been stuck in my head for so much of yesterday.
Well, I'm talking about joining the two tracks in form of lyrics and techno. I immediately liked it because it gave me the feeling of the "bunny rabbit" crap from Universal Bunny.

Originally Posted by ippus View Post
The question was rhetorical.
I didn't particularly like Seikan Eve either, and honestly it really wasn't all that different from the original except for a few choppy bits. The original had more character, and yes it was cutesier- but really? I don't see why anyone complains about that. She's a moe little cute archetype, why anyone expects her to start sounding mature is kind of beyond me. Acting with maturity and looking/sounding mature are totally different things >_>
I thought she looked very cool when she sang it in the series, riding in with a smile on her face despite how upset she was to find out Alto left with Sheryl. I thought that showed a lot of her strength and courage, especially to perform while moving.

But the song itself... yeah, not one of her best ones. I still think Anata no Oto beats it.

To me, if she gets more mature sounding songs, it means her character has grown, which is what we all want, right? For her to grow up and be a woman?

Originally Posted by ippus View Post
...What on earth does this have to do with anything. I was talking about song tracks wtf. ZZzzzzzz
Tori Aimo is the name of the track on Sayonara no Tsubasa. Aimo was the original track. You said you disliked the original Tori Aimo. Well, I think you would mean Tori no Aimo - the one from Birdman. Specify is what I'm saying.

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Oh I beg to differ. Diamond Crevasse starts gently and drags people out into total emotional hammering. I remember bawling so hard at mikhails death- less because I was sad about Mikhail (who I honestly cared very little for) but because the song set the mood so well. Hoshi flat. It's pretty and just boring.

"Sou Da You" was more interesting than Hoshi Kira would ever be.
Here are the lyrics,
Spoiler for lyrics to Hoshi Kira (sad):

To me, this is a Sheryl song written for Ranka to sing. But I love it because it's so beautiful.
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