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Originally Posted by LoveMeKags View Post
In that case, she and I sing alike. It's more like a part of our age. We both haven't grown out of the childish, squeaky voices. When I sing, I sound emotional, but when I listen to it back, it sounds flat and emotionless, like I'm laughing through the whole thing. For Nakajima, I'm sure it's the same.

I think, when she grows up more, you should look back to her with new eyes and see if she's sung newer and more emotional songs.

All I know is that Diamond Crevasse, the instrumental, doesn't make me cry or smile, just makes me go "huh?" It just sounds flat until the chorus. That, to me, makes Hoshi Kira much better, as it has more instrumentals. I'd love to hear the new version of Northern Cross without the vocals, as the music is quite beautiful and sad there. T___T
Its not really a sign of age considering that May'n is only a few months younger than NakaMegu. Also NakaMegu real voice is actually deeper than the voice that she uses for Ranka.

But like a said NakaMegu may learn to do it, or she may never learn time will tell. Though her high-pitch octave is actually normal for J-Pop singers.

When I used to sing, over singing was my problem. So trust me when I say that the extreme alternative isn't much better.

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