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Originally Posted by wisteria233 View Post
Its not really a sign of age considering that May'n is only a few months younger than NakaMegu. Also NakaMegu real voice is actually deeper than the voice that she uses for Ranka.

But like a said NakaMegu may learn to do it, or she may never learn time will tell. Though her high-pitch octave is actually normal for J-Pop singers.

When I used to sing, over singing was my problem. So trust me when I say that the extreme alternative isn't much better.
Here's the thing though, I love Tenshi ni Naritai!!! It sounds very nice and catchy to my ears. But for some reason, I never really like Mamegu singing as Ranka (I think it may have to do with Ranka's overly-happy-and-a-little-childish songs). However, now that Macross F has ended, I hope to support Mamegu's songs more and more in the future.
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