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Originally Posted by Suzuku View Post
Just thought about this. Maybe there will be a new ED every episode and those are just the first two? Next one might be Side P-01s or something.
While they have the budget, I don't think they'll be that lavish with it , I'm guessing since the story changes perspective quite often,
  • the ED changes depending the perspective.

  • that one of the ending is only specific for arc ending only.

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for another trailer (there should be another one I think because the second PV is specifically Toori version; though new version might end up just slight variation though). The premiere event is in three weeks, so we'll probably see some more opinion on the show after that. Maybe they're saving rest of the stuff for Dengeki's Autumn Festival at the beginning of Octoboer. IIRC, the manga begins serializing next month at 2xth (25th or 27th?). There should also be another setting discussion video.

Anyone keeping track of the 4 remaining video slots on the website's front page? I thought they would unlock those with the new PV; however, the new stuff seem lto just keep adding from the left, but there's still a TBA message on one of the vid slots ... I want to know what else they have left for us before airing. A PV for the weapon/tech/spell system for the series would be nice.

EDIT: Apparently the manga's this month!

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