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Originally Posted by Helios Olympus View Post
personally this is my most anticipated anime this fall. I've never read the novel but I'm really interested in the summary, trailers, and characters design (especially Aoi Toori.. )
Somehow the nakedness of TTGL in your sig seems very fitting (especially since you mentioned our dear MC ).

Also new Dengeki Mag scan (thanks Mae@riceballicious~~), if you missed the last one, it's here (remember to thank momo again even though he seems to be MIA ).

Most of the rest of the cast is filled in (poor Persona-kun...), as well as setting map, you might or might not find this useful even when following the anime.
Spoiler for Mag Scan:

Ship captains (old info, but don't think it's been linked yet ... yes our floating fortress is made up of many ships band together if you've missed this bit of info before)
Spoiler for More Mag Scan:
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