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Originally Posted by Allen View Post
It's probably going to be two seasons of 24/25 episodes, but nothing confirmed yet.
Ehhhh this thing says it's one cour only! How's this going to work ?

Hmm 24-26 episodes split into 2 seasons?

EDIT: I wonder if it's self-denial or over-expectation, but 2ch seems to think this would be 1 cour season 1 (to test the water so to speak), and a 2 cour season 2 (and fyi, 1 cour season 1 would finish up volume 1 quite well in terms of pacing). I guess official website would have the final words.
EDIT2: Hell has anything been 1 cour season 1, 2 cour season 2? I can't really come up with anything.

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