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Originally Posted by shadow1296 View Post
honestly the only difference between them is that saki didn't have a person like alto to support her when her contract was terminated so she is a little more damaged than sheryl
Sheryl Nome... I may be forgetting some details in the series, but Sheryl struck me as being a true heroine. I'm sorry to the Rukino fans, but as of episode 6 she comes off as being a very self-centered and artificial character. She's concerned with becoming famous when life-and-death matters are at stake. How delusional and shallow can you get?

The series was setting her up fairly well: a former idol who was quiet and didn't have many friends, and who has an abusive past. If it had remained that way then I'd still like her as a character. Yet she received a bit of power (Valvrave and "vampire" transformation) and she went nuts.
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