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Originally Posted by shadow1296 View Post
first off saki didn't become crazy she was always crazy just didn't show it
I don't really know how you can make such an assertion.

Originally Posted by shadow1296 View Post
second she believes that fame will bring her to a better life like it did before and she knows piloting a valvrave will bring her fame like it did for haruto, third saki willingly becoming a vampire is her going F-U to the thing that she felt rejected her humanity and the world in general, and fourth if sheryl didn't have people like alto and ranka's former manager than she probably would have ended up like saki or even worse because she has a far worse past than saki's
I don't get the impression that it's purely about getting a better life. What's wrong with her life as it was before she became a Valvrave pilot? She had lost her fame, but she was living in peace and away from her abusive parents. If it were just about the quality of life then the fame should not have mattered. After all, she claimed that the fame was originally a mechanism to get away from her parents. Why should she still be chasing fame?

I think she's chasing fame for the sake of the fame itself. It has nothing to do with quality of life. She didn't discard her humanity for the sake of anyone else, as Haruto did, she did it because she wanted to be "unique" and "special." She wants to be one of a kind, to stand out and be admired. She even utilized her newfound powers to take over Haruto's body and utilize his fame in order to bolster hers, seemingly without a care for what it might do to his relationships or life. I'm sorry, but that's disgusting behavior.

I don't remember enough about Macross to discuss the details of Sheryl Nome. All I can say is that what I remember feeling about Sheryl was very, very different compared with Saki.

Originally Posted by Nayrael View Post
Never understood why people think it matters if a mecha pilot is selfless or selfish. It is not like being selfless makes you a better pilot or anything.
Saki does her job (and skillfully from what we have seen) and, with all due right, she expects some degree of reward for putting her life on line.
It doesn't have anything to do with piloting abilities, it has to do with who is deserving of power and who will use that power accordingly. As far as I'm concerned, Saki quickly abused her power shortly after gaining it, taking over Haruto's body and then acting in his stead to further herself.

It's not a bad thing for the series to do this. The route of having all pilots clearly defined with hero or villain traits has already been done in practically every mecha series in existence. Having "hero" pilots who harbor selfish or shallow ambitions and who would use their powers and machines for their own benefit can cause the plot to go in interesting directions. It's just my opinion that I'd like to see Saki either gain some humility and care for others, or if she continues on the selfish and arrogant path, get smacked down.
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