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Oh ok... sorry. I just got that vibe. I'm not used to people liking Pokemon So when they compare something to it, it usually doesn't mean something positive.

basically and the most important "where the cards?????" 2 episodes we already see some fights but none card being played is something very wrong with this show

or this card game is too much simple or this anime as an advertisement is really doing a very poor job with this 2 episodes, its looks much more like a digimon series or any normal shounen action anime than a card game

- no cards
- no board
- no draw
- no card game rules (the only rule to win is kill the enemy???)

none tropper/element from card game series, for just a action shounen this anime looks fine

another note looks like the fetich of good for nothing mc, being carried as a princess start to look popular, first was witchcraft works now this also the mc is carried by his girl partner like a princess lol.

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