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Originally Posted by Black_Wolf View Post
Re-design, yeah Nanoha's BJ looks more military buff, kinda loses a hint of mahou shoujo into a more fighting style. Couldn't really see the difference to Bardiche and RH designs, but i guess i'm not looking close enough, someone mentioned curves? i prefer the older one if thats the case. As for Fate, shes still got a belt for a skirt, whats the complaining?
RH has blue parts now, probably to match better with Nanoha's BJ. Bardiche's edge looks a lot more like a blade now (AKA, it looks more like a Bardiche).

At the very least this should be interesting, considering it won't be just cutting and pasting old footage. I'm expecting much less emphasis on the Jewel Seeds and much more NanoFate, if they want to fit the story into a couple hours. Not like that's ever a bad thing...
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