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Well... looks like I have a lot to finally respond to.

Thanks to everyone for their thoughtful replies to my last post on this thread. There's also a couple other comments made since then that I'd like to touch on.

Originally Posted by spawnofthejudge View Post
I think practically everything you said is more applicable to Kadokawa (other than the fact that K-ON! is a cash cow for KyoAni). KyoAni doesn't do merch or stuff like that. They're just an animation studio.
I honestly have no clue how good merchandise sales are for either K-On! or Haruhi.
I'd honestly be surprised if K-On! is ahead in that category, but I don't know.

Like yourself, I'm pretty sure that KyoAni only makes a profit off of the actual anime (DVD sales, on-line streaming sales perhaps, now movie gate receipts to some degree I would imagine).

Originally Posted by edkedkedk View Post
I myself dislike trolling; it's irritating and often get the fans' hopes up for nothing.
Ok, I think I see what you mean by "trolling" now. Basically, you probably mean the same as what I meant by "viral marketing".

For quite some time, KyoAni and/or Kadokawa would put Disappearance-based images in popular magazines to promote Haruhi. Personally, this struck me as preying on the fans desire for Disappearance to be adapted into the anime.

Now, that would be fine if Disappearance was actually being adapted soon, but for a long time, it wasn't.

Now that it finally has been adapted, though, that takes quite a bit of an edge off of my previous viral marketing complaint. Making fans wait a bit longer than they would naturally expect to isn't necessarily nice, but it's certainly better than failing to deliver entirely.

But I have accepted that KyoAni's style of 'trolling' has actually become one of their signature moves, and I use it freely and casually in a joking manner. If that upsets you I apologize.
That's Ok. No need to apologize, as I now think I know what you meant by "trolling", and it's not the more catch-all over-the-top (imo) meaning for the term. Some people use it as a catch-all term for "teasing the fans" or even "intentionally punishing the fans" (a lot of people felt that the whole of E8 was a troll). I think that you just meant it for KyoAni's marketing/promotional approach.

But KyoAni's 'trolling' is also good in the sense that they actually care about the series enough to create 'troll-material'. I myself haven't experienced much of the so-called trolling, but I believe that while there's a brief period of disappointment after the truth is revealed, I look forward to them actually producing the things they hype. Think of it as a stepping stone to the actual thing, if you will.
I can see your point.

All of those questionable Haruhi promotions (questionable only because they referenced Disappearance long before the movie came out) at least proved that KyoAni still cared about Haruhi, even well into the three-year layoff.

Originally Posted by ultimatemegax View Post
K-On! and Bakemonogatari both sold a lot better BR-wise than Haruhi (2006) did with its DVDs. Since Haruhi 2009 only came out on DVD, it'll be interesting to see how a BR release will do. A lot of fans are speculating (but nothing at all is confirmed) about a BR-BOX release like Kanon and Clannad were (but both of those were Pony Canyon releases unlike Haruhi for Kadokawa so that may not be in the plans)
I'd love to see that. I'd also be interested to see how Haruhi does on BR. There's a possibility that some Haruhi fans are waiting for Haruhi 2009 on the BR, and wouldn't buy it on DVD. I'm a bit skeptical myself (since I think your average hardcore anime fan is more focused on expediency than on visual quality, although both is important to him or her), but we'll have to see first.

I think KyoAni may have recognized the K-On! mania and decided to capitalize on the success (since it's the first thing they put out since Haruhi's "second period"). What may be telling is which series comes out after K-On!'s season 2 (like relentlessflame said, they've been switching production companies, so after that will be something of Kadokawa if the trend holds)

I'm tired of hearing about "KyoAni trolling" as well since I'm pretty sure a lot of the hints came from Kadokawa instead (like a lot of the stuff to do with the website since that's owned by Kadokawa). I don't want to say that it's a good thing because waiting three years to put out something new isn't a smart idea, but everything seemed to have been planned in hindsight, or at least since the December 18th 2007 Yuki poster. I wrote a post about the past three years for Cartoon Leap if anyone wants to hear my full thoughts on the situation.

I don't think any fans know what's going to happen with the franchise; only the executives at Kadokawa and maybe KyoAni do. I'd love to hear that there will be new episodes as soon as this fall in addition to the tenth novel, but I don't think it'll come out that way or anything resembling that. Patience will hold us through the tough times (just like a wait for DVD/Blu-Ray release for Shōshitsu).
I strongly agree with you on all of this too. Good points.

Originally Posted by Kaioshin Sama View Post
I think the whole "trolling" thing is a bit of 4chan making it's way onto other forums. I may dislike Kadokawa/Kyoani's advertising scheme the majority of the time, but I don't think it's trolling....because....well....not everything in the world is trolling contrary to what 4chan believes and there's a little label called "bad policy" or at least "questionable policy" which I think is far more fitting.
Yeah, I also prefer that terminology. It's probably closer to how Kadokawa/KyoAni themselves look at it.

I suspect, and admit, that what I've called viral marketing was Kadokawa and/or KyoAni's attempt to keep Haruhi more front-and-center in the anime fan's thinking. Don't let Haruhi fade due to lack of recent exposure, basically. I can certainly understand and respect that. I would have preferred it if it wasn't through teasing fans about Disappearance up to two years in advance, but since Disappearance was a movie (and not a part of a season of episodes), it seems a bit less questionable now. I mean, some big Hollywood blockbusters are, in fact, promoted up to two years in advance, I think.

All of the Haruhi references and/or seiyu use in Lucky Star might have been part of the plan here too.

Also are you sure the ones talking about Kyoani "trolling" as a good thing aren't the types that think everything Kyoani does is a stroke of masterful genius on top of buying into the idea that the business world is somehow anything like 4chan? I think the source needs to be considered in the cases you describe.
Good points...

Originally Posted by CrowKenobi View Post
There's still Key to figure in here...

Yes! I very much look forward to Little Busters being animated too.

And I haven't even played the games. I say this purely on the basis of seven 4Komas I read that I found hilarious.

Little Busters and Haruhi are the two properties I'd most like to see more of from KyoAni in the next year or two.

Originally Posted by quigonkenny View Post
One of KyoAni's best strengths, when they do it correctly, is adapting a work faithfully, but still taking advantage of the change in medium. When this is done well, you get the uncommon situation of a fan enjoying the adaptation more than the original, even if they experienced the original first.

Very well said.

I have to agree here, at least in most instances.

KyoAni realizes that an anime is not a light novel, and what works in one medium might not work in another. At the same time, though, KyoAni values source material faithfulness as much as any animation studio around (sometimes too much so, it could even be argued).

So, at its best, KyoAni gives the best of both worlds. Faithful adaptation, but improving on areas where the medium change basically demands it.

Day of Sagittarius would have been nowhere near as good if not for the shout outs to other anime, as you said.

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