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Kyuubey being able to 'possess' people? That sounds like an awfully funny theory. Feels like Nico's working with Jubey the whole time.

Her wish was related to reconstruction, so she can probably recreate/modify anything from one thing to another.

Then again, cleaning the Soul Gem is a different story. Since Kyuubey 'eats' the tainted Grief Seed, it's pretty much possible that he just simply consumes the grief, so sucking it in is probably a different way to 'absorb' it.

These Evil Nuts.. Knowing that it caused Kazumi go to nuts, making her more like a Witch (again), she'd probably want more flesh to recreate Kazumi again due to the fact that it'd probably accelerate her exhaustion of magic and turn into a witch (that actually has flesh?) so she can cut her into pieces and...yeah.. (I'm sure it required Witch stuffing as a part of the ingredient to 'revive' her again, right?)
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