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Originally Posted by james0246 View Post
I don't mind the whole 'loving-you-despite-being-a-homicidal-maniac' schtick Kishimoto is using with Itachi and Sasuke (and the Uchiha Clan in general). It's a little trite, but still understandable. What truly annoys me, though, is the fact that Fugaku said he was "proud" of Itachi.

I see no way Fugaku could be proud of Itachi. You can love your monstrous other, but to be proud of them means you accept and potentially even support their actions. Fugaku and company were staging a revolt. They wanted something (power? freedom? Hanabi?) so desperately that they were willing to almost destroy the world (as we know it) in the process. Anyone with that mindset could never be proud of anyone that stood against them. You could potentially respect your opponents dedication or zeal (etc), but to be proud of them does not make sense.

Note, this could be a translation error, in which case I blame the translator not Kishimoto...
Heh. It wasn't what stood out the most to me (I was probably enjoying too much the fact that his dad's last wish was for Itachi to take care of Sasuke) but thinking about it you're quite right. I can see it animated already, an Evangelion end-like bit with a bunch of dead babies and relatives all around Itachi praising him and telling him they're proud of him -or trying to as blood oozes and bubbles out of their slashed throats.
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