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the uchiha founded konoha on a partnership with the senju, but all the leadership kept being mostly of senju or at least non-uchiha descent including all 5 kage and that unbalanced ratio kept getting greater to the point of the uchiha not even having a village advisor. i think the uchiha had every right to plan a coup and take back power in a village that was founded on their strength and sacrifice
The 5 kages were not Senju, the 3rd was not Senju and he ruled for most of the time. The Senju doesn't even exist any more, and i think that should be explained by Kishimoto, i mean where the hell did the leading clan disappear. Maybe the Senju were killed and the Uchiha are blamed for that also? So we don't know why the Uchiha had not village advisor, but that was also true for the Senju too, that's not an evidence of any discrimination. Also if you think about it the "will of fire" inherited from the 1st hokage cannot include something like the 2 founding clans having any more rights than the other clans. Why would the Senju or Uchiha have more rights than the Hyuuga? Such a discrimination would just alienate other great clans and weaken the village. Just because the currently leading elders had secretly weakened the Uchiha's influence over the village because they didn't trust them it doesn't mean that the Uchiha had any right to attack the village. It was a political issue that any sane person has to solve in a political way, that is talking and such, and that is what Sarutobi tried to do. But both the Uchiha leadership and Danzou were complete idiots and instead of letting time solve the problems (time = elders die, new village leaders let Uchiha back into the leadership). In any case causing a civil war and even a world war is simply stupid and it's a betrayal of the village. But we don't know the reasons yet, Kishimoto could decide to add more reason for why Itachi's father decided to revolt. One of the reasons could be that Danzou stole Shisui's eye, that's an outrageously evil act from a leader. Then there was also Tobi who probably messed up things, he surely wanted to escalate the tension between Uchiha and the village and he is smart enough to act from the shadows. He once mind controlled the mizukage too, so taking that into account we can assume he created evidence against the Uchiha to cause civil war. Itachi's flashback was mainly centered on brotherly love and Itachi's great sacrifice, so i expect the parts of the story related to Tobi will be shown in a later flashback.
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