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Originally Posted by james0246 View Post
Whatever the case, the options chosen by all involved was simply asinine, and I sincerely wish that there could have been some actually discussion of the various possibilities in determining why war was the better option.
True but then that's not possible because with options come the fact that Itachi, this pristine example of a peacefull, loving and gentle man, could actually be blamed for his crazy fucked up decisions. And because he cannot possibly be blamed, the two parties have to be complete morrons who systemically made the worst possible calls for decades until they reached the point of no-return - a point that was never even reached realistically speaking which is why the author doesn't really dwelves into the specifics of the coup.

But still, the really first unforgivable (politically speaking) move came from the Elders with the transfer of the clan out of the village. That's so dumb and counter-productive that I still hope it was purposely staged by Danzou to force the issue so at least someone could be immoral but not completely devoid of intelligence. You won't see me hold my breath though.
And that's why I don't buy the blame game on the Uchiha for being eventually responsible for a future world war (and don't get me started into this so called obvious result when nothing happened after multiple Kyubi attacks, a war against the Sand, the destruction of the village or the actual coups in the Mist village to take another example). From my point of view the responsibility comes first from the systematic bad decisions of Konoha's power that be. You must have (at least) two sides to have a civil war, and if they were so concerned about its inevitability then maybe they should have thought about it sooner and if push comes to shove they could just step down. But from the look of it staying in power and keeping the Uchiha in their place was more important which make them just as guilty in the best of case.

But then this chapter just told me that had Itachi involved 5-7 years old Sasuke it all could have been avoided so yeah my mind is blown and they were pretty much all a bunch of incompetent intellectually deficient rejects.

@Ero-Sennin, there is a lack of Uchiha because they are virtually extinct whereas there is no Senju because.... Well that's the question isn't it? We don't know and that doesn't make sense.
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