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good chapt but i just expected more of a bombshell this week. i noticed that many ppl dont talk about the fact that the coup was in many ways konohas fault, think about it . the village blamed the uchiha for the nine tails attack by madara. the uchiha as a clan had nothing to do with it, and yet they are blamed. i also sense that because madara is a uchiha its ok to blame the clan itself. what was the clan to do they saw how the village was treating them, and after they were put away so to speak, they saw the writing on the wall that sooner or later the village was comeing after them(esp after the nine tails attack .this is the ninja world we are talking about and the uchiha knew how the village deals with problems. were they to sit around and wait to be gutted, they had a right to defend themselves against a village that thought them guilty of a attack (nine tails) of which they were blameless.
You don't find the fact the Uchiha clan was missing the night of the kyuubi attack highly suspicious?

Itachi noted this in an earlier flashback - other than him and Sasuke, the clan was MIA that night.

I strongly suspect they were collaborating with Tobi/Madara, and he backstabbed them at the time of the massacre.
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