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Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo
What about a "Why is this show so popular?" thread.

I forget which blog had a good discussion going about this, with answers like: Haruhi, Mikuru, mass hysteria, good animation, Kyon's voiceover, self-reflexiveness, leaving gaps that suck people in, etc. We haven't really started talking about it here, I don't think, but I certainly don't know why the show has become so viral.

I posted something about Marshall Mcluhan's media theories (this being a "cool" show in that it leaves a lot out and requires the audience to participate by filling in the blanks) and it was suggested that further discussion along those lines belongs in the Ontology thread, but I think it belongs more in a thread like the one I suggest.
I don't have any hypothesis' to add at the moment (need sleep) but I do think it should be something to be looked into. A new thread would keep things nice and streamlined (since 'ontology' seems to be more scientific/metaphysic and not media studies like this would be) but I don't mind if it ends up in an existing thread.

About Blogs:
You're probably taking about あいとゆうきのおとぎばなし's "What’s the deal with the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya’s popularity?" article. The comments there are becoming interesting. You could also include the final paragraphs on in Anime on My Mind's "Thin Slicing the New Season, Spring 2006 Edition" in which he compares the viral nature of Haruhi to the heyday of Evangelion. (Strangely enough, does the flashback of the 'blue giant' in Ep4 not remind you of the flashback of Adam in Eva? There are other parallels but those are for later)

PS: In the event it is decided where discussion of this sort should go whether in a new thread or the Ontology thread, please move this post to the appropriate thread. Thank you!

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