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Y'know, at first I was kinda disappointed about Marco's fruit, but now I feel different. After all, I got my wish...... a Zoan that's capable of kicking a Logia's ass. I wonder if Mythical Zoans can achieve an "Awakened" state, as well. Because if they can..... goddamn. Poor old Kizaru might not survive his encounter with Marco if that were the case.....

Also, about Oz Jr., I had a thought: What if Luffy ends up befriending him? I mean, Luffy's shadow was unwillingly used to manipulate his father/ancestor's corpse, so Luffy should be pretty familiar with the descendant. I'd imagine that Luffy would at first attack him out of a misunderstanding, but when he finds out that Jr. is there to save Ace, they'll probably decide to work together. And hey, the Straw-Hats (well, chiefly Usopp) have a tendency to befriend giants, anyhow......
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