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I was hoping great things from Akainu but this episode was a bit letdown on Akainu.Magma was predictable as hell.And while other admirals had flashy entrances (Aokiji freezing the ocean and sea king, Kizaru toppling supernovas and destroying giantic trees) Akainu made his move to own some low level pirates and then countered by Whitebeard with a god damn spear.Makes him look a bit like a rushed character thrown into the battlefield just to caught some interest.

My only hope is that Akainu will make some difference with a flashy move in future.For now he looks like a cheap copy of Ace+DonPachino.

So in the end only things that caught my interest this week were phoenix (which is a bit sad, we desperately need some Zoan) and Little Oz.We lack some Zoans so badly that I wouldn't mind if Lucci and his gang lands on battlefield to kill some time&people.

edit: Btw if things Im hearing is not fake its not phoenix at all.Its just a blaze blaze devil fruit that heals his wound like phoenix does.So an immortal immortal df other than Brooks?

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