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Originally Posted by hei View Post
If my memory is correct, I read somewhere that the director said hei certainly has a remuneration.
Wasn't it already confirmed in S1 that contractors who have lost their original body (Bai/Pai in Hei's case, as his powers came from her -- or more like, she's his power, in a more abstract way) no longer need to pay for their contract? For example: Mao and the body-swapping contractor.

Originally Posted by hei View Post
I am not against the pace of Hei's recovery. But what makes me wonder is the consistency of Hei's character. Before S1, Hei had gone through similar (or more serious) suffering: he lost his sister, was betrayed by his lover, and his comrades were all gone. Despite of those painful events, he looked rather OK in his early 20s (S1). Now he is supposed to be more experienced and mature (S2), but the very same person becomes a hobo this time? Unless proper explanations were given, it does not look very consistent for me.
His current condition is the effect of being pursued by the syndicate while somehow losing Yin in the process. He may have been recruited by the CIA, but as we can see he's largely working alone. Back in Season 1, when he lost Havoc and his sister and got "betrayed" by Amber, he still had the Syndicate to fall back to (which kept a tight leash around their agents at that time, especially the famous Black Reaper). And besides, you don't need good appearances when you're not doing fancy infiltration or secret agent duty (which was what Hei was doing most of the time in S1).

By the way, I went over the recording near the end and this is the best I can get:

Very rough translation: Only you [can] go (?). Other suggestions welcome.

Audio taken from DTB Season 2 Ep08, near the end. This is part of the recording of Misaki's Boss's confession regarding the syndicate back in the last episode of Season 1. I think the voice in this clip comes from Amber.

By the way, the original was sped up 10x according to the accompanying animation, but slowing it down to 10% didn't make much sense (hard to clearly hear and decipher).
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