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Originally Posted by Dextro View Post
I don't think there's anything you can do. Some websites re-encode the jpeg you upload which inevitably lowers quality. Jpeg is a rather complex format that doesn't really store colors but frequencies, I believe, which makes it very adversely affected by re-encodings (just cropping a jpeg can lead to loss in quality). To top it off plenty of sites force the quality settings of the algorithm to a very low size setting which leads to even more compression artefacts. The users really can't do much to fix this.
Well that sucks. The png versions of my tags aren't usable here.

Originally Posted by Konakaga View Post
What website are you using to host as different image hosts have different limitations on how and what you can upload.
I'm using imgur. I've been using that for quite a while but it has never happened to me before in imgur
in fact, I switched to imgur from photobucket because of the quality degrading thing.

thank you guys

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