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This could belong to the old silly thread:

But you know how sometime people suggested you to "go see your doctor" for annual check up or things like that, who exactly are these doctors?

This could be silly to say, but I never got sick before. I still remember the last time i got a cold (the normally bed-ridden kind in anime), and it was 10 years ago, but I even dragged myself to school and had my drama class in the freezing hall. Never break a bone, strain my muscle, or anything that requires more than an hour of sleep to recover.

That's why when someone suggested me to "go see your doctor for annual check up" it just puzzle me deeply. Who is my "doctor" in this case? My best guess is a private doctor who I should have seen form time to time, and who under covered by the state universal healthcare (called Medicare here)? How can I pick up a doctor in this case? Just look for nearby clinic? Or do I have to go to a hospital for it?
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