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This was a bittersweet episode . I felt bad for Kosaku , his outlook towards love is innocent and childlike but in a way pure . His whole life is motivated solely by love, but the problem is the lady in question cant return or acknowledge it due to her trappings as a Nun . Kosaku having a happy go lucky personality doesnt realize it , but in this episode he did through the supposed rival . But seeing Kosaku you wonder how it would be if love was so simple and innocent with all that mattered was heart .You sometimes wish for such kinda love : )

Overall a nice episode I really felt sorry for Kosaku during that one scene where he says Sayonara to Sister Angela . I hope Rumiko doesnt create this forbidden romance into a forbidden love Triangle . As we all know Rumiko main lead are very gullible and outright losers . The beauty of her character is though you may laugh at them deep down you can relate to them in some way : D
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