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Originally Posted by honeypie_0106 View Post

I guess the Comfort Me episode fits kallen very well.

I have a funny feeling that its not BK that Lelouch will loose, but his dream of having his friends back in Ashford...

First Nunally - opposite fraction, Second Kallen - terrorist / temporary captivity, Third Suzaku - mortal enemy, Forth Nina - mass murderer, Fifth Milly - graduation, Sixth Shirley - death....

The only remaining one is that Guy and Arthur.
When was that? You mean "attempted".

Originally Posted by Silver Soul View Post
I would freaking LOVE that, Suzaku will rule if he said that to him or something similar.

Suzaku: I lost someone important as well and I'll tell you exactly what my best friend told me what to do "It's all in the past, get over it"

(Lelouch's stunned face)

You forgot the scene after that.

*wild laughter*
Lelouch: Well, since this is how you put it, I accept that. But, mark my words, Suzaku. It will not be me who shall suffer alone.
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