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Usually MacPorts works really well. You had some bad luck with your MacPorts installation. ^^'

Congratulation! Seems like you compiled mplayer!
You could already use it from that directory and the command line. The rest is just copying the binary to the correct location.

I made a mistake with the last command. Just fixed in the first post. If you've already executed "sudo make install" then the correct command is:
sudo cp /opt/mplayer/bin/mplayer /Applications/MPlayer\
Unfortunately, making a redistributable binary is not as easy. The binary you compiled this way is linked to all the dependencies you installed with macports. Anyone who would want to run that binary on their computer would have to have everything else installed, too. If you want to make a redistributable binary you also have to compile all dependencies specially. I'm not exactly certain how that works, either.
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