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Originally Posted by Ryoujin View Post
I wont be able to do this by myself. I formatted the computer (for other reasons), reinstalled everything, it seemed it was fine (I was still getting the same issues), but when I tried to open something

Warning unknown option ass at line 2
The fontconfig option can't be used in a config file.
Error parsing option fontconfig=yes at line 3
Warning unknown option embeddedfonts at line 4
So probably this is not meant to be done by someone with no experience with the terminal (this can't be done in a copy-paste style), at least the environment of my computer isn't set to make these things, no clue.

I'm going to re-format the computer to get rid of everything that was installed and then just use pre-made builds or something.
You still hadn't got Fontconfig installed, or at least in a place where the configure program was searching; 'tis all. Otherwise, looks like you were very close indeed!
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