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Originally Posted by Alaya View Post
It's still possible for modern-era humans to become a Heroic Spirit, as long as they can make a heroic deeds. And we don't even know that will Waver do something epic, or make a contract with the World to becomes a counter guardian.

And being average as a magus doesn't mean he could not become a servant, or else we would not have EMIYA, since Shirou is beyond mediocre as a magus.

All in all, I think it's better to left it vague so people could see him as someone he would like to see. There's no proof that he is Waver, yet there's also no counter-proof that he is not Waver. So we are basically trying to proof the existence of the Devil here.

Well, unless you can use the Gold Truth of course :P
Yes, its still possible for humans of the modern age to become Heroic Spirits, but the requirements are much, much higher than in the past.
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