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Based on personal accounts rather than source. What I was trying to say was that I am not just theorizing, I had to deal with a crapload of drives that either did not spin up or did, then had tons of problems trying to get the data off. Sure, I shouldn't make generalizations but the thought of going through that again is sobering. I could try it, but I won't know if the gamble paid off for many years and by then I'm fucked if it didn't.

I'll have to dig out the papers we were sent by 3Par, I recall when it was listing the pros/cons of our archival solutions it also mentioned not to sit hard drive stored data on a shelf for long term. Of course, they were also trying to sell us their six figure storage solution, so I suppose I should take that with a grain of salt heh.

Don't get snarky; when I mentioned twenty years of experience I just meant I'm not some fifteen year old rehashing shit I've read online.
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