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Originally Posted by Random32 View Post
Strahan, your situation is a bit different from most of the people on this forum's.

-Most of us running HDD's for storage have them in a server which is often always on. As in we aren't going to keep them on a shelf for a several years and try to get data off.
-There is a point of diminishing returns. I think that for most people storing anime, not important irreplaceable financial data, tapes are overkill.
lol yea, true. My tape drive was $950, I seriously doubt most people want to invest that for anime. I was originally addressing the poster asking about dormant hard drive storage then got sucked into a debate and lost sight of the forest for the trees

I'd mention how I originally planned to use DVD-Rs but changed my mind after seeing discs having CRC errors when I try to copy them off a year or two later, but I'll hold that thought since it may start TheFluff back up again heh.
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