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Originally Posted by Strahan View Post
lol yea, true. My tape drive was $950, I seriously doubt most people want to invest that for anime. I was originally addressing the poster asking about dormant hard drive storage then got sucked into a debate and lost sight of the forest for the trees

I'd mention how I originally planned to use DVD-Rs but changed my mind after seeing discs having CRC errors when I try to copy them off a year or two later, but I'll hold that thought since it may start TheFluff back up again heh.
No, sorry for being snarky and rude. It's just that electrical motors just randomly dying after a while sounds really strange to me. Of course I could be entirely wrong about this, which is why I'd appreciate some better information about it.
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17:43:13 <~deculture> Also, TheFluff, you are so fucking slowpoke.jpg that people think we dropped the DVD's.
17:43:16 <~deculture> nice job, fag!

01:04:41 < Plorkyeran> it was annoying to typeset so it should be annoying to read
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