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Chars @ lv30:
Serawi get the projectile defense skill, making her a breastly tank vs enemy rangers. Esp useful at the Ruins where you get stones for the alter: as you get teleported (1 unit per turn) right into a room with 4-5 Kankuris that packs quite a bit of omni damage per blast.

Yuela becomes a lot better at what she does with Evasive II+Sword Flash AND Flurry I, as her sword attacks often hit 3 times per turn and flurry procs quite often. Have seen it proc twice resulting in 5 attacks in 1 turn... She once again took over the vanguard role from Melodianna.

Wil became more of a tank in my game with his 98 hp. Lack of damage spells (beside weapon inheritance) and my Wil doesn't have that strong of a str score. This was "fixed" when I got a troll hammer from the 100 trolls I killed on crayanne's quest with the pervail skill (+str+con at low HP).

Emelita is tbh, quite useless. I have trouble using her AoE and so far she only has range 2 spells, which is lacking compared to Suina and Uya's 3 - plus, Suina gets a bowling ball and Uya can actually evade attacks... Managed to squeeze some use from her by using her prismatic cloth with holy staff which gives a new no-FF AoE and +5 cons ring.

Did I mention the bowling ball is 100% amazing?

The japanese Wiki @ makes the game easier with its maps and tells you where to gather certain stuff. Google translate does a decent enough jobs.

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