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Yuela becomes a lot better at what she does with Evasive II+Sword Flash AND Flurry I, as her sword attacks often hit 3 times per turn and flurry procs quite often. Have seen it proc twice resulting in 5 attacks in 1 turn... She once again took over the vanguard role from Melodianna.

Emelita is tbh, quite useless. I have trouble using her AoE and so far she only has range 2 spells, which is lacking compared to Suina and Uya's 3 - plus, Suina gets a bowling ball and Uya can actually evade attacks... Managed to squeeze some use from her by using her prismatic cloth with holy staff which gives a new no-FF AoE and +5 cons ring.
My Yuela at the moment has Prevail 3 which sadly limits the other skills I can give her since it's such a CP hog. I just stick with Focus and Flurry 1 since they're both cheap.

I've found Crayl and Crayanne's combo skill with Crayl having flurry 3 to be ridiculous, I one shotted the dragon at the fire shrine with it, 250 hp. Actually to be honest all the combo skills I've used so far are ridiculous.

Emelitta's benefit is that her magic is all Omni so it's not limited by anything. None of the other casters have an Omni spell that I've seen so far, well Suina got a point blank one after she fused with her sister.

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