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Originally Posted by Midonin View Post
The ball was well done, with everyone (Konoe first, but everyone) getting a decent amount of screentime, but the one thing I will always remember from this episode is Mr. X/Mizutani Ikusu. I was wondering if they were going to keep up the crossdressing facade for a while, but it was blown before the first commercial break, with no repercussions. I know Mr. X isn't in the running, but if Shogo ever wanted a seventh option, it's available. She was shameless about the boobs (that's the second Koshimizu character in a few weeks I've seen like that), but Miyabi wasn't.
What makes you think that "Mister" X is not in the running? Au contraire! I'd say she's even *very* interested in him. She transfers to his school just to be close to him, she asks a girl to move just so she can sit next to him, she walks home with him arm in arm... even though it might cause others to think they're gay, as she's pretending to be a boy. However, she might have planned for others to think they're gay, just so she can have him all for herself
Then, when he found out she was a girl, she didn't even cover herself, but was instead showing off her lovely body. "Look at me! Look at what you can have when you choose me!"
She might even be the one who is his little sister, with her not wanting to reveal her name and such...

Originally Posted by Midonin View Post
Is every episode going to end with one of the haremettes/sister candidates fondling herself in the bath? Because I'm not opposed to this development.
That recurring fondling is much appreciated

Overall, an enjoyable second episode which doesn't skimp on ecchi either
The "trip and grap breasts" was Nice. It was expected, but that just added to the anticipation. The wardrobe malfunction was tastefully done

I'm curious what will come up next. I think there will be still more potential sisters coming up
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