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Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant View Post
You seem to be missing the point.

The Crucible is a TRAP. The entire ME3 is a waste of time because the Reapers want you to build it. That's why they know it existed but did nothing.

Use Crucible = Reaper wins. This is what happens when you build something with no idea what it was actually for. It is the ultimate weapon for the Star Child, and the only way to be victorious is to destroy it.
Shepard: What do you know about the crucible?

Starchild: The device you refer to as the crucible is little more than a power source. However in combination with the Citadel and the relays it is capable of releasing tremendous amounts of energy throughout the galaxy. It is crude, but effective and adaptive in its design.

Shepard: Who designed it?

Starchild: You would not know them and there is not enough time to explain. We first noted the concept for this device several cycles ago. With each passing cycle the design has no doubt evolved.

Shepard: Why did you not stop it?

Starchild: We believed the concept had been eradicated. Clearly organics are more resourceful than we realized.

As above the crucible wasn't designed by the reapers and the starchild notes its adaptive design, starchild wanted to eradicate the concept and besides he didn't know what it would do when coupled with the citadel until it actually happened which again is stated in the dialog so ultimately they didn't want it to be built in the first place. Their goal was to simply continue the cycles.

How could it be some far fetched reaper trap if the starchild didn't want it built or didn't even know what it did.

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