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There is no legit US release. It has been suggested that it is a Malaysian bootleg.

As far as I can tell Yamato 2199 has not been licensed in the United States, or anywhere outside Japan. Probably because of the way it is currently distributed and the slow pacing of the series release. At the current expected rate, the series won't end until Fall of 2013 after 26 episodes (7 theatrical releases followed by BD releases). Either around that time, the summer before, or afterwards, the series is expected to be shown on TV (which is when the majority ofthe English language anime bloggers might pick it up, if they don't think it is old news or something).

The Episode 10 Goer's Gamilas Fleet was interesting in their camouflage paint jobs. I counted several cruisers (mostly high speed cruisers, but some heavy cruiser) a trailing number of destroyers, one battleship, and a carrier. Plus the battlecruiser they were looking for, though it was probably from a different command group.
Spoiler for Goer:
Dessler Soto, Banzai!

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