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Originally Posted by Ithekro View Post
Speaking of Balan. It looks like it is a gas planet with a mini-sun inside the atmosphere. And the base looks like a massively built up floating continent.
The more i look at it the more it seems Balan is a big ball of gas, split in half, with a small star-like core inside. Probably a weird variant of a brown dwarf or some proto-star. The base seems to be built in a floating continent lookalike, either debris from the planet or something the Gamilas brought in. There is a shot, when the fleet is leaving where there seems to be some sort of energy beams going into the planets atmosphere. An anchor of some kind (much like the tow cables from the EX-178), perhaps? But... attached to what?

I wonder where the "Earth attacked first" angle will lead? There's something i hadn't thought of before. I feel a scent of Babylon 5's Minbari War here.
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