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Dessler gave a fairly good speach (in Gamilas language). He's fairly good in this role, though I think I like him better when he's in charge of the fleet on the front lines.

He wasn't quite the old fashion stereotype villian that he came off as in the original this early on in the series. Though it was probably mostly from the speech and his awarding Schultz, his crew, and their familes for their heroic actions against Yamato.

Dessler seemed put out at first when his gas weapon failed, but seemed more at ease after the Wave Motion Gun fired and his soldiers died fighting. It might have been the wave motion gun that did it, since that would have been impressive even to Gamilas (since Talan mentioned that it looked like something they were working on still...meaning Yamato is more advanced than Gamilas least in some places).

One wonders if the Empire had once been a combined effort between Gamilas and Iscandar, judging by the wall relief of what looks like a Gamilas warrior god and a Iscandaian goddess, each holding their own planet in their outstreatched hand.

Things are different. Not only are we getting more from the Gamilas side of things, Yamato's crew dynamics are also different than before. It is the same, but different from the original. And that is a good thing.
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