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Originally Posted by Eidolon Sniper View Post
...which further reinforces the point that the Archangel and the Strike isn't just "one ship and one MS" you're going on about. It really shows that the EA is also willing to sacrifice a lot of their own men just to make sure it wasn't captured by ZAFT. You don't waste a lot of resources just so "one ship and one MS" can survive.
Honestly, Both sides wasted alot of effort until it landed on Earth, then the EA pretty much told the AA to go fuck itself until it reached alaska, and .. well, we all know the story after that, lol.

Honestly it pretty much points the same way for Zaft, the Zala squad was after it, but thats about it (Minus the random encounters of the Dinn guy and Andrew, but that was due to the AA interacting/running into squads, rather than Zaft chasing them)

I am not really sure, but I think it was shown that Azrael also wanted to invade Orb right away, and it's not just because of one mass driver - there is its' highly advanced technology to speak of. Azrael basically told Orb "join up or we'll see your inaction to do so as betrayal/joining up with the Coordinators and we'll take over your country". When Uzumi did the "heroic sacrifice" it burnt down Orb effectively, rendering it useless - it allowed Uzumi to protect Orb's technological assets as well. Pretty much it destroyed the EA's chance of getting a free mass driver, and it also destroyed their chance to get their hands on Orb's superior technology. It just wasn't because the EA lost interest in Orb once the mass driver was destroyed.
Let me expend on what i meant in a earlier post, the main reason the EA invaded Orb was because of the mass driver and the facilities they had (Morgenroete, etc) that made the Astray series among others (going to disregard the Akatsuki, since it wasnt brought up until Destiny)

When Uzumi blew everything up, the EA had nothing of interest left in that country, hence Azrael biting his lips when he saw everything go poof.

The Astray series was built from stolen GAT-X data wasnt it? honestly, it doesnt make sense why Orbs technology would be higher than the EA's, if anything its the other way around since Orb couldnt replicate the Phase Shift technology

Other than that, i fully agree with what you wrote above.

Also at the beginning of Destiny, Orb was in a position wherein the Junius Treaty even had specifically prohibited them in lending their military technological know-how to either ZAFT or the EA. This also points to Orb being a military power so powerful it can swing either side to victory in a war.
my opinion differs there, if anything, it's to prevent what happened in Seed (The EA getting mobile suits built at their facilities) and to maintain their neutral stance, hence why Cagalli travelled to PLANT to meet the chairman and well, bark at him.

We were only shown bits of what Orb is like during invasion. We weren't given a chance to see how it is like without an imminent invasion. Partly thanks to its nonsensical ideology, Orb was never really shown to fully show its muscle. However even given these, Orb was not taken lightly in the sense that other countries will invade it just for teh lulz. Pretty much if that's the case, any country can go against Orb because of their "lacking" military resources, but we weren't given any of that during the entire run of the anime, or even in side materials.
See, " fully show its muscles " is what bothers me a bit, we did see them be able to withstand the first EA hit in Seed, but they took losses, after the second one they ran off to space and blew everything of interest up.

For their size, Orb has a powerful military, but it's still a really small country, it was Fuku's " Ideal japan " if i recall, either way, its a country of small islands, just like japan. their military is strong - but seeing how they are such a small country they can't outlast the EA in the end, it's like putting 100 highly trained marines with a full loadout against 1000 ww2 soldiers, the 100 highly trained marines would be able to put up a good fight, but in the end the ww2 soldiers would win due to pure manpower, See what i mean?

Basically, this is the reason why Shinn hated the Athhas. it was more of them protecting the country's ideals rather than think of the consequences it will have and its effects on all the people who trusted in Orb. And also the fact that Orb was heavily implied that it can compete directly with ZAFT/EA in military technology, but they'd rather have it burned down than protect their citizens.
I actually liked that part, In Seed we saw Uzumi as someone who actually made sense - but in Destiny we found out what happened to the civilians (which Seed didnt show too well) and i actually loved that part.

Orb can compete with the technology, but not the numbers.
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