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I haven't decide whether this episode is excellent or below average (of Kanon2006 so far, of course).

But I am leaning towards the latter...

Maybe that's because I know all the jokes already

Anyway, some minor rants-

1. Many many still shots. I get the funny feeling that KyoAni is trying to conserve their budget for the *truely* exciting scenes (probably the famous scenes of each girls) in the latter episodes.

2. Some frame transitions are rather abrupt. Usually studios put a bit of fadeout inbetween frame/scene switch...

Other than these two episode 5 is, as always, excellent (my perfect eye candy ^_^ ).

PS Yuuichi is double(triple) dating the girls!~~ Bastard!! How dare you splitup your lunchtime like that! That's cheating!

Spoiler for personal thoughts- game related:
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