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It makes a lot of sense to move Makoto's story thread forward in prep for Mai (since they interleave to some extent more so than some of the other threads). I see the animation budget short cuts (well .. .such as they are -- KyoAni's shortcuts are often the best of what some other shows can muster. Nayuki at the gym running with her team mates was pretty lame-for-KyoAni animation as well). But in the context of setting up the scenarios here I thought this episode went pretty well. Time budget-wise, I'd say they're still playing it somewhat conservatively, which makes me think they've really storyboarded this out rather than "winging it and watching the polls" like some anime that turns into trainwrecks as a result.

I'm enjoying it and laughing at the humor even though I know most of the jokes and am steeling up for what is ahead -- so in that sense I guess its like watching a play that I know the lines to but enjoy it because of the skills of the actors and production.
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