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Originally Posted by Fipskuul View Post
Nami's case will be interesting. Unlike others, her strength lies in her analytical thinking ability. And, you cannot make good use of that without external help. How can she make use of the advantages of a weather island, then? A different set of combinations to alter weather. Unless a new version will be invented, I doubt it. To make use of the air flow changes during a fight, and respond that quickly with her clima tact. Not her style, especially the quick response part. But, I guess the island being a part of sky islands, and the weapon that she uses sharing the same origin says a lot. It combines both her intelligence and the source of that technology. If she can improve her navigating skills, and add thunderstorm/hurricane kind of patterns to her clima tact (can be very useful in defending herself, like placing her within the eye of a hurricane, while destroying the surroundings) then the result would be satisfying for her.
It would be interesting then if where Nami ended up was not actually an island but in the middle of a storm, stranded with nothing but a lifeboat to keep afloat. Nami's gone years on independence alone under Arlong and I'd like to see more of this side of her. Plus, it would be a ood chance for her to really display (and probably learn herself) the real scope of the Climatect's abilities.

Even better to the plot would be if she ended up in the middle of tha great current between the three WG monuments the Kuja were talking about.
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