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Honest Opinion.

Kampfer has been a lesbian booby fest.
The last 2 episodes showed that Kampfer has a story.
The last 10 mins (Starting when the girls powered up) went back to being a booby fest (Minus the lesbian).

So people got disappointed.

I LIKED Kampfer. It was exactly what I needed for a good laugh with a fairly nice Harem (minus one) ending.

The dolls singing was pretty dumb. The girls powering up was just to show off their underwear. But Evil Kaede? WOOHOO. But as someone said in their Post.
Kaede is not dead = -5 Hahahaha.

Ok honestly, Nyan koi is smarter than Kampfer. But I like both of them.
Kampfer's ending isn't as powerful as Seto No Hanayome.

But saying Kampfer is worse than Princess Lover? Gah. In PL they introduce a bad guy that is REALLY bad, yet at the end the hero just lets him go. In PL they introduce a 4 episode arc that concluded the series but did NOTHING about the overall story.

Yah, Kampfer isn't that great, but it's still GREAT!
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