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Originally Posted by Murasaki View Post
She's maybe the best harem lead/main ship that I've ever liked in harem series. I agree that she's total hardcore tsundere, but in some moments she could have acted less tsun-tsun and in some she could have acted less dere-dere.

But that makes her not the typical tsundere, so she's just fine.

I got my Maths for Economists exam in 12 hours , what am I doing here...
Well, as long as you don't answer 'Houki' or 'tsundere' in your exam, I think you'll do fine... Hmm, to be honest, I'm not sold on Houki yet, I don't find her too annoying but I don't find her all that special either - hopefully that'll change as time goes and we know more about her. As for now, what I'm most curious about is her IS; after all, her sister is the inventor of IS, so I wonder if she left a special IS for her little sister?
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