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Originally Posted by Kafriel View Post
Free Riven this week Perhaps a bit too strong for such a durable champion though...
>Low-cd escape mechanism, it's like Shen's shield and dash in one.
>High innate mobility @ 325 base MS.
>A second gap closer in her Q.
>Steroid damage and a finisher from R, Garen-style but with more range and AoE.
>Plus a small stun to help dish out maximum damage.

The only downside I can see is the fact that she scales off bonus AD, but even if you build her more on the tanky side, she's still a visible threat. I wouldn't be able to change anything on her though, she just feels right the way she is.
I think you're making it sound like it's more than it actually is. Her shield is pretty weak, even at high levels of damage it's only going to eat one shot if that and the dash distance is not even much further than a normal champion would move in a half second. If a champion chasing you has much faster speed or good range, like say a Miss Fortune or something, you aren't going to live. I find the dash much more useful on dodging skill shots and as a gap closer than trying to escape once you're caught.

Edit: Shouldn't Xerath have come out today or is patch day tomorrow?

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