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Originally Posted by Kafriel View Post
I think the patch is today, and yeah the dash is great for dodging skill shots and getting close to Q, but at LV5 it can absorb an inner turret shot completely, provided you got some AD to back it up. As for chasers, the only champions with higher MS afaik are Pantheon and Yi (330), though MF and Rammus could prolly chase her down...
Nidalee 330 in cougar form base so Her too[plus pounce spam for chasing ]. Teemo and Gangplank also out move her once their skills for passive are leveled up some.

And Nidalee is a great chaser depending how you play her, especially in 3s.[Finally have her/lux rune page finished for lvl 28 anyways].

Also tried Riven for Jungling[since she's free atm] worked well enough in matches I've done it so far... but would definitely be smoother if I had Armor pen runes for her :/. I managed 8 - 3 - 4 playing first normal as Riven with hooves in 5s today doing that.

Originally Posted by Eisdrache View Post
I seriously need more friends so I can ditch that solo queue crap or else I'll continue to get teams like this: (Me on MF)

NA server btw
I am on NA though times I am LoL aren't really terribly predictable, I'll send you a friend request and you can giggle at my name like everyone else ; that I picked as semi-joke since I was being rushed to decide and everything I thought of was taken .

P.S. I have about 4200 IP currently and no idea what I want to do with it cause too many choices .
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