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Xerath is fun. You can gank bot/top from the tri-bushes, siege people at nexus turrets from their destroyed inhibitor turrets, and low cooldowns means you can be as spammy as you want. Only problem with him is the insane mana costs, which makes him almost as dependent on blue as Anivia in order to unleash his true potential.

And yuck, I don't like his skins. Merely just recolors, bleh.

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Also tried Riven for Jungling[since she's free atm] worked well enough in matches I've done it so far... but would definitely be smoother if I had Armor pen runes for her :/. I managed 8 - 3 - 4 playing first normal as Riven with hooves in 5s today doing that.
Riven is actually best with flat AD marks + quints, since she has some pretty nice AD ratios on all her abilities.

Only problem I have with Riven is that she's a weak ganker when everything is warded (which almost always happens in my NORMAL games... >_>). And for someone who needs to be aggressive and needing successful ganks (kinda like fiddle/rammus), it can really get frustrating. But that might just be me being too cheap to buy oracles before the 15 mins mark lol.

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