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Originally Posted by Kafriel View Post
The day I see a LV6+ Nidalee without boots is the day I eat my mousepad. GP is fair game but not so much Teemo as he'd invest in his poisonous skills early game.
<_<, actually in some rare matchs 3s soloing top as Nidalee cause I'll end up keeping forcing my laning opponent to b with spear harass[not managing kills] until I hit level 7-9 with just doran ring since I don't b until I have enough for my CDR boots ussually, instead leaving lane when I don't have to just for normal boots .

Though other matches I'll get first blood from spears at start and have boots at level 1 .

And teemo's level order seems to vary a lot, if he doesn't take an escape spell will max movement passive after putting one in blind and poison, but if he has flash/ghost doesn't tend to level it as much really.

Originally Posted by DragoonKain3 View Post
Riven is actually best with flat AD marks + quints, since she has some pretty nice AD ratios on all her abilities.
Well I played her with my leona runes[hp quint, armor seal, MR per lvl glyph, and Magic pen marks] currently since I don't have proper AD rune page at all, and I am sure just having Armor pen marks instead of Magic pen would help her a good bit .
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