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Originally Posted by Rising Dragon View Post
Man, what a frustrating point to end the episode on. But the AGE-3's still intact according to the next episode preview.

I don't really blame Flit for being pissed off about Asem. Certainly he's happy that he's alive, but looking at it from his point of view, his son disappeared and deserted the military, and abandoned his wife and child for thirteen years to seemingly go play space pirate. He wants to tell Emily but he doesn't know how she'd react to that particular viewpoint--she'd be happy he's alive but that's a pretty disappointing position for her son. I don't blame Flit for wondering if she'd get upset or not.
Romary doesn't seem to exist in Flit's mind....
Flit is really biased against Asemu and everything he does.
But in this case, he really has the right to be angry.

Originally Posted by Revolutionist View Post
Flit's grown on me, he's kind of a good guy at heart but he tries too hard to be a douche bag and it ends up being amusing.

anyway I'm surprised he knows Zeheart by name when they've never even exchanged words...Perhaps he read that MP's report after the graduation and put 2 and 2 together?
About this, they fought each other back in Gen 2, and he was using a pretty unique suit, pretty sure Flit would have checked up on all of Veigan's top men.

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