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Originally Posted by Flere821 View Post
Rin installs BB on his brother's Nuero Linker he gave her as a memento (her brother is still alive but in a coma). Duel Avatar ends up as Ash Roller, the embodiment of her brother's dreams (with the kind of bike he said he always wanted if he had the money to buy it). When in AW Rin's 'brother' (even he says he's not sure if he's the actual brother whose soul is stuck in the Nuero Linker or if he's some sort of spontaneously created AI from left-over memories) controls the avatar. Rin knows what is going on only as long as she's wearing that set of Neuro Linker, if she takes it off she forgets most of the stuff about BB and AW.
So Rin herself doesn't have her 'own' duel avatar? And Sky Raker is aware that she is the parent of Rin&her brother (or AI)?

If her brother wakes up and wears the neuro linker (or anyone else), would they gain access to those memories as well?
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