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And here it is! I was getting misty eyed writing up this translation, so I hope you enjoy. Thanks to Flere who got us this far. I've been reading his summaries for awhile, and I really appreciate them.

Some notes. In Japanese, each character has a specific style of speech which makes it clear who's speaking. In English, it's more difficult, so I initialed the dialogue of whoever is speaking at the time.

S = Suzutsuki
J = Jirou
M = Masamune
K = Konoe

Please, if you spot any typos, mis-translations, etc, don't hesitate to point them out. I'm still a beginner at translating, after all. And without further adieu!

Spoiler for Chapter 7 - Translated:

Translator Notes, to be read after.
Spoiler for TLN:

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